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Our Story

Imaginarium brings creativity and innovation to the forefront of learning for kids.

Developing the artists and innovators of tomorrow.

In 2021, with her youngest child in school, and seeking a way to make a difference in her community, Ms. James decided to combine her love of art and all things creative and began teaching  art classes at her neighborhood church.

At the same time, while teaching public school in an emerging post-pandemic world, Ms. James sought academic research to better understand the learning needs of children, and how to best prepare them for future success. She discovered that the Four C’s (creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration) are consistently ranked as the four top skills that students will need to be successful in both their future academic, and career paths, regardless of discipline (click here to learn more). As a certified art and gifted and talented teacher, Ms. James knew that those skills could be learned through process art and project learning. Through this lens, Ms. James has created an original curriculum that ensures students develop these skills.

Ms. James, has spent all of her adult life pursuing creative endeavors. After graduating from SMU with a degree in film, she spent fifteen years working as a film executive. After the birth of her first daughter, the family returned to Texas to be closer to family. Here, she began to pursue her love of design and architecture, and spent ten years designing homes, restaurants, and office spaces.

Imaginarium is the culmination of these life experiences and passions. Through artistic project learning, Imaginarium is dedicated to helping children develop as global citizens, all while reaching their full, creative potential. We take great pride in knowing that we are playing a part in developing the artists and innovators of tomorrow.

Imaginarium art classes for kids, Dallas, Texas
Imaginarium art classes for kids, Dallas, Texas
Imaginarium art classes for kids, Dallas, Texas


My son has been taking art classes with Ms. James for several years now. He enjoys learning about different styles of art and using various media to express himself creatively. Ms. James and her staff provide a safe and welcoming environment for kids to really immerse themselves in unique projects. The lovely art exhibition at the end of the year is a family favorite!"

Kristina Mack

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