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Our Philosophy

Imaginarium brings creativity and innovation to the forefront of learning for kids.

Imaginarium brings creativity and innovative thinking to the forefront of learning.

By the time today’s kindergartner enters the workforce, most of the jobs that will be available, don’t even exist today. These jobs will require creativity and innovation, along with a strong ability to collaborate and communicate with people from varied and diverse backgrounds.


Because there is so much pressure on schools to produce high test results on standardized tests, there is often no time for teachers to teach these skills during the school day. Additionally, budgets for the arts are often cut or eliminated. Creativity and innovation take a backseat to high stakes testing.


At Imaginarium, we believe that children’s best learning experiences come from the process of imagining and making. Hands-on learning provides kids with the opportunity that they need to expand their abilities creatively and intellectually.

Our students:

Imaginarium art classes for kids, Dallas, Texas
Imaginarium art classes for kids, Dallas, Texas

Have fun, develop a lifelong love and appreciation for creativity, and gain an innate desire for deeper knowledge.

Imaginarium art classes for kids, Dallas, Texas


This program is special. Every child that experiences this art class becomes more confident in their own creative gifts, whatever they may be. My daughter has blossomed under their tutelage. Grateful.”

Laura Culp

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